Linux Compressor Humanizer

Download it and forget about writing arguments.

Tired of searching in search engines how to decompress a specific format? LCH is the solution. With LCH you can compress and decompress in any format. And without arguments!!

Check the compressors that you have installed in your supported distribution, and install the ones you don't have. With a simple command.

Quick, useful and free.



how to use

lch [-h] [-v] [-c] [-i] [FILE [FILE...]]
$ lch -h                       - This help
$ lch -v                       - Print version
$ lch -c                       - Check compression systems
$ lch -i                       - Install the compressors dependencies
$ lch                 - Decompress
$ lch /home/file      - Compress
$ lch /file1 /file2  - Compress multiple
  • 7z
  • bz2
  • gz
  • rar
  • tar
  • tar.bz2
  • tbz
  • tbz2
  • tb2
  • tar.gz
  • tgz
  • tar.xz
  • txz
  • zip
Unpacking only
  • arj
  • cab
  • dmg
  • iso
  • lzh
  • lzma
  • rpm
  • squashfs
  • vdi
  • vhd
  • vmdk
  • win
  • xar
  • z


LCH project is maintained by HatThieves community, with the unique purpose of facilitating work on GNU/Linux. For both new students and lazy veterans.

Since we do not understand that why in the linux console. All the arguments must be known by heart. From many different programs. Or spend all day searching blogs. And in some distributions the annoying task of installing some dependencies.

For them we decided to create a simple application that solves all these problems. Be easy to use and be free software.

To make it as universal as possible, we decided to develop it in GNU Bash. And following the philosophy that it is executable on any linux distribution.

And above all thank you to all the collaborators, for participate in this exciting project.